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We Shape the Future.

At ESAB, we exist to shape the future of welding and cutting.

We don’t follow the competition. We lead. When fabricators want new solutions to their problems, we are the brand that creates the products and technologies they need. Together, we will build the world of tomorrow and keep our industry moving forward.

By connecting people, technologies, and products, we can help fabricators achieve greatness.

We connect the widest range of products under our industry-leading brand portfolio with the latest technologies to solve virtually any industry challenge, and we back it up with our knowledge, experience, and passion to help fabricators be more productive than ever before.

How we will keep fabrication moving forward.

  • Accessible expertise

    We provide the information customers need, whenever they need it. Our responsive and knowledgeable people are passionate about helping our wide range of customers.

  • Exceptional productivity

    We strive to increase uptime. Our consistent product quality, our fast and reliable deliveries, and our ability to adapt and react to problems set us apart.

  • Data-driven innovation

    We don’t create new technologies just because we can. We innovate with purpose. Our actionable intelligence helps us create better products and groundbreaking digital tools that maximize performance and reliability.

A relentless legacy of innovation.

ESAB brands have been discovering new technologies, reaching new milestones, and writing the history of welding for more than a century.

Welding invented.

Swedish engineer Oscar Kjellberg develops the world’s first welding electrode and founds ESAB.

First regulator invented.

Victor® brand founder, L. W. Stettner, develops the first piston regulator after losing his eye in a gas equipment accident, setting a new standard for safety.

Hardfacing solutions introduced.

The Stoody brothers create the category of hardfacing welding products in Whittier, CA.

Ground clamp improved.

Ray Townsend forms the Townsend Welding Equipment Company (Tweco®), introducing the now-synonymous “redhead” ground clamp as its first product.

SAW invented.

The submerged arc welding (SAW) method is invented, providing a versatile means of depositing large amounts of metal quickly, consistently, and safely.

TIG (Heliarc®) invented.

A new process of TIG welding (called Heliarc) is introduced, giving welders greater control over the weld for stronger, higher-quality results.

CAC-A process invented.

Myron Stepath invents the CAC-A cutting and gouging process, founding Arcair® and introducing the G-3 cutting and gouging torch.

GMAW invented.

To this day, the versatility and speed of gas metal arc welding (GMAW) makes it the most commonly used industrial welding process.

Plasma cutting invented.

The Linde division of Union Carbide invents the plasma arc for cutting metals. Linde later became L-Tec, which was eventually acquired by ESAB.

Coaxial cable hose invented.

Tweco introduces a new MIG gun utilizing patented coaxial cables, which emerges as an industry standard even to this day.

First PAK® introduced.

Thermal Dynamics® introduces their PAK unit-power supply, PAK 40, the first to combine the cooling system and the console into one unit.

Underwater torch invented.

Arcair, an ESAB company, develops and introduces the first underwater cutting and welding torch for the US Navy.

Exothermic cutting invented.

The SLICE® Torch is introduced, setting a new standard for portable and quick cutting solutions for fire and rescue operations.

Small-diameter gas-shielded wire invented.

Alloy Rods, acquired by ESAB, develops a .035″ diameter gas-shielded cored wire for use on jobs previously restricted to solid wires or stick electrodes.

Parts life improved.

Thermal Dynamics introduces hafnium inserts, allowing for longer-lasting oxygen and air cutting consumables.

Oxy-fuel torch safety improved.

Victor develops and integrates patented built-in flashback arrestors into their torches for added operator safety.

1Torch® introduced.

Thermal Dynamics’ dual-mode torch (1Torch) is developed, allowing it to be used on all portable air-cutting systems (contact start or high-voltage start).

EDGE 1.0 introduced.

Victor introduces the first generation of EDGE regulators, featuring the enhanced safety attributes of SLAM technology and an internal particle trap.

High-speed SAW invented.

ESAB develops and introduces high-speed submerged arc welding (SAW) with ICE, allowing for up to 50% higher deposition rates and significant productivity increases.

REBEL introduced.

ESAB develops Rebel, a revolutionary multi-process weld system providing industrial-quality arc performance in a compact design.

EDGE 2.0 introduced.

Victor releases improved EDGE 2.0 regulators, building on the innovations of the original EDGE 1.0 to become the safest regulators in the world.

REBEL 205 introduced.

ESAB develops the world’s first truly all-process portable welding machine with MIG, flux cored, Stick, DC TIG, and AC TIG capabilities.

Digital Solutions introduced.

ESAB officially launches ESAB Digital Solutions, allowing welders to use real-time data to optimize and streamline their entire fabrication workflow.

A leader in the shop and around the world.

More than 115 years after the company was founded, we now serve a global market for welding and cutting equipment. From Stockholm to Shanghai, ESAB is where fabricators are. And our long-standing reputation for high-quality products has made us the brand that customers from all over the world turn to first.

Shaping the future for the world’s biggest industries.

Fabricators work on a wide range of projects across various applications and jobsite environments. It’s our job to keep seeking out solutions that help them rise above any challenge.

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • LNG
  • Mobile Machinery
  • Offshore
  • Petrochem
  • Pipe Mills
  • Pipelines
  • Power Generation
  • Repair and Maintenance
  • Rolling Stock
  • Shipbuilding
  • Steel Construction
  • Steel Service Center
  • Wind

The most complete line of welding and cutting products.

ESAB’s wide range of welding and cutting products spans virtually every product category and application, allowing us to provide our customers with complete workflow solutions that work as hard as they do.

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Filler metals
Gas control equipment
Arc equipment
Cutting Automation
Welding Automation
Manual Plasma
Specialty Gas
Digital Solutions
Gouging and Exothermic
Arc Accessories

Filler metals

As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of welding filler metals, we offer a complete range of covered electrodes, cored wires, solid wires, TIG rods, strips, and fluxes to cover every welding need.


Gas control equipment

Our line of gas equipment has a 99.9% customer satisfaction rating with a legacy of safety, performance, quality, and reliability.


Arc equipment

Our range of arc equipment offers unequalled levels of performance, reliability, and technological improvements across all welding processes.


Cutting Automation

With more than 80 years of cutting experience, we’ve developed an extensive range of products to handle the full scope of CNC cutting processes.


Welding Automation

Our welding automation solutions put high quality, high capacity, and much higher productivity within reach for both small- and large-scale operations.


Manual Plasma

Our powerful line of manual plasma cutting packages and torches is designed to make plasma cutting easier and more affordable.



We offer a complete range of high-quality protective clothing and equipment to keep operators safe – including the most sought-after helmet in the industry.


Specialty Gas

Our specialty gas products provide solutions for non-fabrication industries, including medical, high-purity, and process applications.


Digital Solutions

Our suite of digital services allows customers to put welding and cutting data to work to maximize productivity and streamline their entire workflow.


Gouging and Exothermic

Our gouging and exothermic products use temperatures up to 10,000°F to gouge, cut, burn, or pierce anything.


Arc Accessories

Our comprehensive range of arc welding accessories and plasma torches is the top choice among the world’s most productive welders.


An unparalleled global portfolio of leading brands.

With more than 40 global and regional brands, we provide fabricators with more high-performing welding and cutting choices than anyone else in the industry.

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Purposeful innovation that’s driven by you.

How customers shape our products.

Almost all of our new product ideas come from listening to fabricators, but it doesn’t stop there. ESAB conducts customer phone interviews, site visits, focus groups, field tests, and more, collecting real-time data while a product is still in development. A lot goes into creating an intelligent solution, and we involve our customers every step of the way.

Purposeful innovation that’s driven by you.

We listen to fabricators.
Then we get to work.

At ESAB, we push boundaries and pursue innovation because we take pride in finding the best solutions for our customers. And it starts by listening and taking the time to understand their needs. From tradeshows to distribution centers to shipyards, our employees are constantly interacting with and learning from fabricators. It’s how we keep the industry moving forward.

Nothing is ever truly finished.

Continuous improvement is a way of life at all our manufacturing facilities around the world. By experimenting and learning every day, we eliminate waste in our business processes and ensure our customers get the highest-quality products. If we find a way to make something better, we do it.

ESAB experts are always here to help.

When you become an ESAB customer, you gain so much more than high-performing products and solutions. You also gain access to fabrication experts with thousands of years of combined welding and cutting experience. Our passionate employees and partners are determined to help you succeed and make the most out of your ESAB equipment.


Knowledgeable, accessible employees.

We employ hundreds of specialized application engineers and segment experts across the globe. If you are facing an operational challenge or any problem with your equipment, no matter how technical, we have someone who has seen it before and who knows how to solve it.


Education for everyone.

Since our founding, ESAB has always focused on improving welding education. Our ESAB Knowledge Center contains a vast amount of information for all skill levels, completely free and accessible online. And our ESAB University tour brings the experts to you, with events and training at tradeshows and trade schools around the world every year.


Meet the VAE team.

ESAB developed the value-added engineering (VAE) process to give our customers an edge. Our team of experts will come to you, analyze your production, and make recommendations based on real data collected at your shop. Their suggestions can help you improve quality, enhance productivity, and boost profits by revealing untapped revenue opportunities. It’s the only team of its kind in the industry.


Consultants who mean business.

ESAB experts have been consulting fabrication managers for decades. We can help you view your operations across your entire workflow, identify areas for optimization, and get you set up with cutting-edge digital solutions that allow you to maximize your productivity by putting your shop’s data to work.

The future begins now.

They’re ready.

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